# Thursday, April 27, 2006

Opinion Poll for TamilNadu Assembly election 2006

Opinion Poll for TamilNadu Assembly election 2006

An independent, nonpartisan opinion poll is going to come in this section very soon.

The opinion poll is expected to have 4 alliance group.

1. J Jayalalitha led AIADMK 

2. BJP & JP

3. M Karunanidhi 's DMK & UPA

4. Vijayakanth 's DMDK

The Opinion poll is scheduled for the next week.

[Poll closed] Click here for Results. May 10th 2006

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# Wednesday, April 26, 2006

T Rajendar back to DMK

T Rajendar back to DMK

T Rajendar, a Tamil Cine Actor who used to Direct, Produce, Compose Songs & Music & act as a HERO in a movie with his own Screenplay & Story is all along with DMK for nearly 2 decades. But he used to take rest by going out of DMK for a while & coming back. Like in 1991 he left DMK & started a new political party called Thayga Marumalarchi Kazhagam before the TamiNadu Assembly Election 1991 along with  K K S S R R Ramachandran and Thirunavukarasu.

But the party Thayga Marumalarchi Kazhagam had an electoral alliance with DMK and contested in 11 constituencies in which the party leaders  K K S S R R Ramachandran and Thirunavukarasu won in Sattur & Arantangi, whereas T Rajendar our HERO lost his victory to J Jayalalitha, the AIADMK general secretary in Bargur.

And after joining DMK in 1996, he was given a chance to contest in Park Town in madras, where his margin exceeded by 30,000 with the runner.

And in 2001 Election to the state Assembly he lost his seat to SG Viayagamoorthy of TMC in the same constituency. And after he was not that much active in politics, and in 2004 he again moved out of DMK, starting a party called Laktchiya DMK. Then he joined amma, and started talking ill of M Karunanidhi.

Once he said :  "Alli kodupadhu Amma,  killi kooda kodukkadhavar Karunanidhi " when he was with J Jayalalitha. And it was said that he asked for 10 seats & JJ offered him only 2. And immediately he quit the AIADMK alliance & joined DMK.

And yesterday I saw his speech in SUN TV, where he mentioned Vaiko as a pyshco , " ea VAIKO nee oru psycho, adhanaala nee veliya Poi ko" etc., He is famous for this Rhyming words (Sonnet kinda language) he uses, but I feel there is no motive/any goal he has set to achieve in his political career.(Even others don't, but they pretend to show

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# Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DMDK Vijayakanth gets Murasu Symbol

DMDK Vijayakanth gets Murasu Symbol

Vijayakanth (DMDK) gets Murasu Symbol

For the forthcoming TamilNadu Assembly Election 2006, Vijayakanth gets Murasu symbol for his party in most of the places. This is the first time, DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kalagam) is going face the election, that too in a tough period.

After the party (DMDK) being formed, he was in tour, covering the most places. And now he could have covered every bit of TamilNadu. But I feel its a wrong idea of his, to contest in Virudhachalam constituency. The best said reason was some of his last(latest) movie was not played in the cinema halls in Virudachalam area, due to PMK. But PMK is very strong in Virudachalam, with a vote bank of 30+ % alone, so now adds the DMK & Congress have a combined votebank of 30, which gives PMK 60+. So, what is Vijayakanth 's plan to break this ??

Let us pray atleast one Murasu to enter the Assembly!! (Hope his party gets atleast one MLA) Captain Vijayakanth MLA !!! Let the DRUM not get beaten up by others!!!

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# Friday, April 21, 2006

Modakurichi : ADMK PC Ramasamy, was denied in the last minute

ADMK 's P C Ramasamy denied ticket in Modakurichi

AIADMK PC Ramasamy

In the last minute, sitting MLA of Modakurichi & the Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments was given seat to contest in the forthcoming TamilNadu Assembly election 2006 in the same constituency was taken over, suddenly he (P. C. Ramasamy) was replaced by V. P. Namasivayam.

Modakurichi Assembly constituency had 1033 contestants in 1996 TamilNadu Assembly Election. Result was like there was some contestants bagging 0 votes. So, I hope this is a world record, may be like no one could have checked it!!! So few people are aware of this constituency, which is in Erode District. The current Minister of State Ms. Subbu Lakshmi Jegadeesan, was the DMK contestant in 1996, and she was elected to power. And in 2001 Assembly election, Subbu Lakshmi Jegadeesan lost in the same contituency to P C Ramasamy of AIADMK.

And in 2004 General Election DMK President M Karunanidhi placed her as Parliamentary Constituent contestant, and she won. DMK has a strong hold in this Modakurichi Constituency from 80 's. But this time, I don't know why DMK have given this place to Congress, which fields Palanisamy(hopefully a supporter of EVKS Elangovan).

Along with PC Ramasamy of Modakurichi Constituency, J Jayalalitha have replaced the Palani Constituency candidate R Tamilarasi by S Prema.

  AC No AC Name New Candidate Old Candidate
118 Modakurichi Palanisamy P C Ramasamy
  129 Palani S. Prema Tamilarasi

The updated AIADMK Candidate list for Assembly Election 2006 is here.

Update :

AIADMK lost Modakurichi Constituency to Palanisamy, a congress Candidate in 3860 votes.

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# Monday, April 17, 2006

Sarathkumar joins ADMK -Jayalalitha

Sarathkumar joins ADMK

Sarathkumar joins Admk

Well known Tamil Cine actor and DMK Rajya Sabha MP, R Sarath Kumar, resigned from the primary membership of the DMK party a week back. And now he joined the AIADMK in the presence of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa in Theni. Also his wife and famous Cine Actress Radhika joined in ADMK.

Last week when he sent a resignation letter to the DMK chief M Karunanidhi, he was silent about his MP Post. So I was concluding like, after elections he may re-join the party. Also, many programmes hosted in Sun TV(also in the whole Sun Network) was produced by Radaan TV, which is owned by Radhika. So we came to a conclusion that, they won't move from DMK.

But, Elango a friend of mine told me that he is getting ready to join AIADMK, which I considered as a rumour, but it happened.

Sarathkumar said, "After hectic consultations with fans, people in close circles and the public, I have taken this decision. It might be a delayed one. But the decision was final."

Sarathkumar had joined the DMK in 1998, and in the same year he contested for the Lok Sabha from Tirunelveli Parliamentary Constituency and lost his victory to ADMK candidate in just 6900 votes(1.5%)

The main reason could be :

1. Sarathkumar could have asked a seat for Radhika in the coming TamilNadu Assembly Election 2006, that too in some particular constituency where his caste have a upper hand.

2. Previously it was said (mostly a rumour) that they had some problem with Maran family (Sun Network) since many of their TV serials in Tamil is just dubbed to other channels in the languages like Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada. And Radhika was asking for some more money etc.,

3. In my view, if AIADMK comes to power this time, DMK can't come to power in future. So, the couples planned and quit. May be also they might have some problems with someone strong in DMK!!

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# Monday, April 03, 2006

Vaiko Vs SUN TV

Vaiko Vs SUN TV

A Month back, Vaiko join hands with ADMK to face the TamilNadu Assembly Election 2006. Before that he was in UPA which was led by DMK in Tamil Nadu. As there is only one month left for election, hot campaigning is going on in most places in TamilNadu.

M Karunanidhi & his Nephew Maran & family have many TV channels(Sun Network), Print Media & FM Radio licenses. The list of them are :

TV Networks : SunTV, KTV, Sun Music, Sun News, SuryaTV, KiranTV, GeminiTV, TejaTV, AdithyaTV,Teja News, UdayaTV, UsheTV, Udaya2 & Udaya News.

FM Radio : Suryan FM - Chennai,  Suryan FM - Coimbatore, Suryan FM - Tirunelveli  & Vishaka FM. (4) + its said that they have license to operate in 20 places.

Print Media :  Dailies :    Dinakaran & Tamizh Murasu  Other Magazines : Kungumum, Mutharam, Vannathirai, Kumguma Chimizh. And they have some more in Other languages too.

Its started like, VAIKO few weeks back commented that DMK Chief M Karunanidhi is holding more than 50% of the media in South India which is not fair etc.,
But its true. Even once I have read somewhere that they have a market share of 66% in daily TV viewers category.

Since after he left DMK Led UPA, he started commenting DMK & its President M Karunanidhi, which is normal since every political leader who quits one alliance & joins another do the same. The issue started of when he started pouring words about Karunanidhi 's TV network & the other group of Media.

Suddenly, yesterday (02 April 2006) in Sun TV News they were questioning VAIKO that why he(VAIKO)didn't try to bring to people 's notice that Sun TV group has got these things, while he was in DMK Led DPA alliance ??

Also there was a solid 5 minutes listing of all BigB s in the world media (starting from Times in US, till Zee TV in India) in the SUN TV News explaining that each of the companies have Dailies, Magazines & TV Channels, they meant like :not only SUN TV & group have a foot in all kind of News & Information Media, even others have more than what they have,  whiich is highly acceptable.

But onething they have CONCEALED in that News is none of the media group (owners / controllers) other than SUN TV & group is in Politics, raw POLITICS. Everyone must accept this, even you can't say NO to yourself!

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